Saturday, February 26, 2011

he is oozing charm

and that seems to help a lot... what I find interesting is that he is charming the audience in the 70s style, when singers where all but directly flirting with the audience...

at least for popular musicians in Europe that was pretty much the norm (e.g. Smokie, Suzi Quatro,Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman)

some of them became "victims" (they were doing it so heavy handedly that it became ridiculous...) e.g. Modern Talking's Dieter Bohlen -- blond guy (I mean... those glimpses are embarrassing...)

there is an art to doing it right, and I think Justin Bieber is very talented in this regard (maybe more so than as a vocalist -- his voice does appear in-changing so this may not be the best time to judge but... it does not strike me as... earth-shattering)


Justin Bieber's popularity: is it the music?

I believe, at a minimum, it's not just the music and I'm not saying that in a negative way (other things than *just the music* are important for a performing artist's success) D.

yes, I did warn him! *l*

twitter post I am, of course, kidding... although I have not found something similar on the web (plenty of blogs just not really just "a look" at him), I don't expect this blog to become that big of a deal... but I guess you never know... I never though I would get invited to go on talk shows, call into private conferences as a "journalist" and the like when I started my craigslist criticism blog...I would still like to preserve my privacy so ... no! I would not do anything that would result on giving up my privacy; with that being said, I expect to have some fun with this blog or... can it! D.

what's this all about?

pretty much self-explanatory... similar to my thenumanumathing blog, just that this time I'm going to take a look at Justin Bieber